Farm Pond Aeration

Why Farmers Need to Aerate their Ponds

Sept 9, 2013 – Farmers add large amounts of plant nutrients (primilarily phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon) into their agricultural fields to enhance growth of their crops. Runoff from agricultural fields saturated with these nutrients flow into farm ponds causing excessive plant growth.

The phosphorus in the form of phosphates in the soil can leach into the farm ponds resulting in excessive growth, or “blooms”, of algae. The algae blooms lead to oxygen depletion and changes in water quality in the ponds.

This condition is called eutrophication and the murky ponds that result are called eutrophic. Many micro-organisms as well as the algae in the ponds require oxygen in order to survive. When they are deprived of oxygen they die resulting in masses of rotting, stinking algae. A means to control this problem has become of paramount importance.

One of the least costly and most effective solutions to the above problem is to aerate your farm pond. Put the air and oxygen back into the pond water. Restore the water quality and clarity by using wind power. A windmill pond aeration system can be the solution you are looking for to get rid of algae and to prevent it from coming back on an ongoing basis.