Our Precious Water

Drought and Floods

Sept 23, 2013 – In many areas of North America we experience weeks without rain like what we have experienced recently in Texas and Missouri to name a few areas. While in other geographies water is abundant. Washington and Oregon have just had rain for 30 days in and people’s ponds are being flooded over. Pond Owners are buying windmill water pumps just to pump water out of ponds where as others from the dryer parts of the world are buying windmill well pumps to pump water up from wells to fill their ponds. In both cases lack of water and too much of it can be a problem for pond owners. Windmill water pumps can cost effectively solve the problem for both situations and there is no cost of operation.

If you live in a rural community a drought certainly reaffirms the significance and value of water. Dry wells and ponds, create havoc for cattle and crop farmers and the sand and dust storms are not healthy for anyone. During a drought pond owners and especially farmers are hustling around trying to find sufficient water for their homes and livestock. One solution that some regions have invested in are water pipelines that haul water for miles others seemly opt for water hauling by truck. Many people have decided to build larger and deeper ponds or deeper wells in order to replace failed water supplies.

The way you manage your water supply may determine the future success of your business

The key is to understand, plan and save for new ways to provide you, your family, and other key interests such as livestock with the necessary amounts of water to keep you and your business in working order. The financial, technical and equipment resources necessary to do this is expensive and you will want to check with your local and federal governments to see what grants exist to help you in this endeavor. The message here is be prepared and do not forget that once the water is in your pond make sure you aerate it to keep the water healthy and clean.