West Nile Virus

Why Pond Owners Should Beware of West Nile Virus

Sept 3, 2013 – All pond owners need to be concerned and aware of West Nile Virus. The wife of a business colleague of ours contracted West Nile in Ontario a few summers ago and she embarked on a year from hell.

She lost feeling in one of her legs and could barely walk for several months. She lost all appetite and was terribly sick for many months. The toll it took on this lady’s health is one thing and the other is the stress is caused on the family and friends.

To limit the spread of West Nile virus pond owners have a responsibility to themselves, their neighbors and the community they live in. We need to ensure that our ponds do not promote the conditions ideally suited for mosquito breeding.

Stagnant ponds are a mosquitoes paradise for which they thrive in. Each time they successfully lay eggs thousands of mosquitoes are brought into the world. To avoid this, we all need to keep our ponds healthy and clean and ensure that proper circulation is occurring.

Aeration is a primary source of oxygen and circulation for a pond. If you are not properly aerating your pond then you need to strongly consider its benefits. There are numerous windmill aerations systems and electrical aeration systems that are sold throughout North America.

In addition, there are chemicals that can be applied to the edges of the pond where mosquitoes are most likely to lay their eggs. This will destroy any larvae that exists in your water source. Read more information on West Nile Virus or consult your local government for more information.

Cut down on mosquitoes and limit the chances of West Nile Virus hitting your area.