Ideas on how you keep your Pond Water and Fish Healthy

All around the World customers are learning about the impact that aeration can have on the health of their pond water and FISH.

Pond Owners are starting to realize that there is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to treat your pond for algae and weeds other than treating it with Toxic Pond Chemicals. Listed below is an amazing story of a family and their fish pond an how they were able to find a way to keep their pond and fish healthy without the use of chemicals. People who eat the fish in their ponds are now starting to realize that inputting pond chemicals into the water not only will harm their fish, it will in the end harm them especially if they start eating the fish. The other key concern for pond owners is that the Toxic chemicals and residue can seep into the ground water which many people drink.

Here is Tom and Marion’s note story.

Hi: How nice to hear from a happy pond owner. I can’t tell you how much enjoyment we get out of our pond and it is all due to our Koenders Windmill. Before we had our windmill our fish grew for a few years and as the plant growth grew as well we found ourselves without fish in about five or six years after starting our pond. We inquired all over wondering what it was that killed our fish and some other people we knew had the same problem that same year. Finally we talked to someone from Guelph University and he told us that when we have a year with so much snow coverage the oxygen doesn’t get into the pond to keep the fish alive and when the pond is dark the plants do not give off what is necessary to keep everything running smoothly. So we talk to you people years ago about a windmill and you came from somewhere around North Bay Ontario to build our windmill and get us set up and on our way to never having a problem again. That was quite a few years ago and this year we had to replace a part and had a problem finding your business again. It had moved out of Ontario. It would be wonderful if you were thinking of starting up a franchise in Ontario again. More and more city people coming out to the country want a pond more than any other expense landscaping. We have many people come and fish our pond and take some bass away with them for their pond. Of course we tell them about the use the windmill plays in keeping your fish healthy and although we do not follow it up, I am sure they think about a windmill, but will sadly probably not do a thing about it till they lose all their fish. They are very healthy for the years we have little snow and the fish would probably be fine if they remove the snow from the ice on the pond. Our pond is kept wild for the deer and the turtles and birds that love to live nearby and visit it often. We have become authorities on swallows feeding and ospreys as well as snapping turtles and painted turtles and how they make a long trek across our field to a smaller wild pond in the bush to lay their eggs and then the long journey back to the pond where they live. We even have cormorants visit and have two families of muskrats that keep the bull rushes down on the pond. It is like a huge TV screen that is always on the nature channel.

I am a handicapped lady in a wheelchair and I think the pond keeps me alive as well as all the inhabitants of it. The pond is over two acres big and was built for us by the Highways Department that was building the new 403 to London through Brantford. Our land is sand and they needed sand and told us they would dig us a pond for the sand and it sounded like a great trade. After making a smashing pond they came back in a week and said they needed more sand and so they made the pond double in size. It took no time at all for it to fill up with water since they hit many springs while taking off the sand. The water is always lovely and clear, but we are now facing the problem of too many weeds. We know we need weeds to feed the fish and bird life and to protect the new fingerlings born every year. With the warm summers that we are getting where the temperature goes up to 100 degrees, plant life is thriving and is beginning to overpower the water space. So just another hurdle to solve.

Thank you for writing us. We almost thought it was a picture of our windmill at first it is so similar to ours and the background in winter as well. Take care and from our family and all the children that fish the pond, we thank you for our wonderful windmill.

Tom and Marion Thomson
Brantford, Ontario.