Pond Owner Alert:
World Health Organization Classifies Popular Herbicide as ‘Probably Cancer Causing’

Pond care has long been a market for various herbicides and algaecides. For years, pond owners have be confronted with long, complicated lists, detailing which herbicides work for which weed or aquatic vegetation type. Lack of training, confusing application guides and the rapidly changing safety information have made pond care difficult and frustrating. Thankfully, the pond care market is changing. All-Natural pond care is becoming increasingly popular. We commend companies like Nature’s Pond Care, powered by Koender’s Water Solutions, who only manufacture and sell all-natural products that are simple, effective and most importantly, safe. The same cannot always be said about herbicides and algaecides.

Herbicides and algaecides are subject to EPA registration, product testing, and a range of government restrictions that are intended to keep the public safe, but do they work? Glyphosate, developed over 30 years ago and currently the world’s leading herbicide, has recently come under fire as a division of the World Health Organization gave the herbicide a group 2A carcinogen classification. In their terms, glyphosate is ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’. One would expect that after such a study is released, this product would be pulled off shelves and discontinued, at least until further, more rigorous testing can be performed. Unfortunately, this has not happened.

Does the Environmental Protection Agency intend to put the public in harm’s way? No, in fact, 25 years ago a study by an EPA panel called the Toxicology Branch Ad Hoc Committee found that glyphosate had suggestive evidence of carcinogenic potential and yet, the herbicide has gone on to become the world’s most used, not to mention most lucrative herbicide on the market. In the age of big business, when very little information about the products we use can be trusted, it’s time for the consumer to do their own research and take responsibility for their own health. Thankfully the internet empowers us to do so.

The fact is, despite labels, testing and certification, we often don’t know what the short and long term impacts of these chemicals have on our children, pets, fish and environment. Fortunately, there is an alternative in pond care, lawn care, household cleaning products and more. Try to choose all-natural products whenever possible for the treatment of your pond and for anything else for that matter. Then you can sleep well knowing that the products you use are safe for you, your children, your pets and your world.

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