Caring For Your Pond The Natural Way – A Free Webinar

Looking for that pristine golf course look? Caring for golf course ponds is often complicated, frustrating and costly– but, it doesn’t have to be! Audubon International, Nature’s Pond Care and Superintendent Greg Austin have joined forces to bring to you an easy guide to natural golf pond care and best of all, it’s completely free.

Greg hosts “A Super’s Guide to Golf Pond Management and Care” a free webinar designed to help golf course superintendents care for their ponds in a simple, effective and all-natural way. He is the BC Director of the CGSA and an IPM and environmental specialist who has been a golf course superintendent for over 25 years. When it comes to managing ponds, he states that “I’ve been in the golf industry long enough to have managed ponds the wrong way. Those days are behind me now. Implementing a proven program that’s economical, environmentally sensitive and sustainable only makes sense.”.

Audubon International is a not-for-profit environmental education organization, formed in 1987, dedicated to sustainable natural resource management. They express that “We’re excited to partner with individuals like Greg Austin and Koenders Water Solutions to assist in providing free and helpful resources to superintendents looking to improve their environment on their properties.”

While the webinar is directed at golf course superintendents, it has a ton of great information for the average pond owner as well. If you are dealing with a pond that has algae and weeds, foul odor, pond sludge and muck, yearly fish kills or any other problem you will find a lot of great information and tips in this presentation.

Just follow the link to begin watching!

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