Koenders steps up their game with the introduction of Nature’s Pond Decorative Fountains!

Koenders Water Solutions Inc., one of the leading manufacturers in North America of natural pond care products and equipment, has expanded their product line to include affordable top quality decorative fountains. While the focus of the company remains on keeping ponds clean with their all-natural 3-step program, they know that once a pond is clean and healthy, it is great to be able to add that perfect finishing touch.

Natures Pond Decorative Fountains powered by Koenders Water Solutions Inc. are a great option for pond owners ranging from golf course water hazards to small backyard fish ponds. Coming in at only a ½ horsepower, it is incredibly energy efficient. With very little energy draw and only costing 5-10 cents an hour to keep the fountain running, this is a sure winner for pond owners. The performance of this fountain is impressive with a spray that is able to go up as high as 14 feet and cover 25 feet across, a major reason why Pond Owner Magazine likes this product so much! This fountain also does what many in the market do not, and that is come included with 4 interchangeable spray nozzles. Many products on the market charge you extra for different spray options, or require you to purchase more than one fountain for different looks, but with the Nature’s Pond Decorative Fountains it just takes a quick and easy nozzle change to alter the spray pattern of your fountain.

Pond Owner has always been a fan of Koender’s products, and it is refreshing to see that they are not trying to falsely sell these fountains as aeration systems. While they do provide a pond with surface movement, fountains are not aerators and should not be used as such. Bottom up aeration is much more effective. Fountains do help with circulation and surface agitation of a pond, which is very effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay. By removing the still water they aide in reducing any risk of disease spread such as West Nile virus or the quickly spreading Zika virus. The less bugs the more pleasant your outdoor summer oasis can be!

The Nature’s Pond Decorative Fountain powered by Koenders Water Solutions Inc. also comes with a lighting option package which can add a great ambiance to your backyard or golf course pond. Other features include a 100 foot power cord, a 115v rugged timer suitable for outdoors, and a high grade debris screen filter. Koenders has ensured that everything you need is included in this fountain package, so there should be no unexpected trips to the store to purchase additional parts or pieces.

Pond Owner Magazine is so excited to see this product now available for sale. Right now if you go to website you will see one of the best prices for a good quality fountain in the market place, and there is a deal available for US customers so don’t hesitate!

Visit naturespondcare.com or koenderswatersolutions.com for more details.