Pond Aeration Prevents Freezing

Freezing Temperature in the East But Our Pond Remains Open

We finally received our winter a few weeks ago and I am sure glad that I installed my windmill aeration system in December. With temperatures well below freezing in Michigan our pond is frozen over – all except for about a 10 FT diameter hole in the middle of the pond that is being kept open from 20 FT tall windmill that is aerating our pond.

We ended up buying a Koenders Windmill for they have been around for a number of years and anyone that I speak to who owns one of their windmill products is extremely happy with the quality and reliability. It is working just as the company said it would.

We like to attract the birds to the pond in the winter and as many other animals as we can. The open pond seems to be attracting all sorts of wildlife who are all popping over for a drink of water or bath.

Windmill pond aeration will keep our pond open in the winter and allow it to vent off any gases or toxin that otherwise would be trapped in the pond during winter months. It is also cleaning the pond so that come spring we are hoping to be done with the ugly Algae that has plagued us for the last 5 years since the temperatures have increased.

As a pond owner we are extremely happy that we bought one of these Koenders Windmills and wish that we had not been so stubborn and bought one years ago.

Submitted by:
Sal Wenshi
Michigan, US