Pond Equipment Warranties

Beware of Some Warranty Programs for Pond Equipment and Pond Aeration Systems

Its that time of year again, Spring is in the air and Pond Owners are thinking about the many projects that lie ahead in preparation for the hot summer months.

One project many Pond Owners are entertaining at this time of year is how to prevent pond stratification, pond algae and/or fish kill.

The best way to do this is by aerating your pond. For those of you that have not heard of pond aeration – it is the process of adding oxygen to water in order to increase its levels of oxygen. By injecting air into the water you reduce the levels of phosphorous, nitrogen and other nutrients and organic matter that accumulate in a pond. These nutrients otherwise deplete oxygen levels and encourage pond algae growth.

There are two main types of aeration systems – electrical aeration and windmill aeration. Be sure to ask your vendor about the product warranties. There are many components to an aeration system – the compressor (critical component), the air line that transports the air from the compressor into the water, the air diffuser, the windmill structure etc…

Most electrical aeration systems come with a standard one year warranty on all parts. Windmill aeration systems seem to be a little more reliable hence we see a few manufactures with extended warranties passed the standard 12 months.

Koenders Windmills has a very straight forward warranty program – an industry leading 3 yr warranty on all windmill parts.

Superior Windmill is another manufacturer that keeps its warranty program very simple – offering an 18 month warranty program on all windmill parts second only to Koenders Windmills.

Caution should be taken when you talk to Windmill Manufacturing companies that only provide a 1 yr warranty on all windmill parts. Ask how long they have been in business – chances are not very long. These same manufacturers will be sure to let you know that they have extended warranties on items like the airline (since when did an airline ever break?). Beware of the marketing tricks like a industry leading 5-10 yr warranty on air line or a 2-3 year warranty on an air diffuser – these are very inexpensive accessories that a warranty is of very little value. These parts are extremely unlikely to break down in the warranty time lines and if they do the replacement value is very low.

What you want your extended warranty on is the windmill and the compressor. Make sure that you get more than a year on these essential windmill aeration components.