Picture Perfect Ponds

An Environmentally Friendly Way To Get Your Pond Picture Perfect

There are many ponds that look beautiful but in order to have gotten them that way – the probability of thousands of dollars being spent on toxic pond chemicals annually is quite certain.

The good news for pond owners is that there is now an environmentally friendly way to achieve these same results.

First, you need to have an aeration system that diffuses oxygen into your water. The most efficient aeration systems are ones that have the air diffusers placed at the bottom of the ponds so that they fully aerate the water column.

Aeration will achieve 85% of the results and if you are looking for a picture perfect pond ideal for swimming, boating, fishing, etc. then try combining aeration with the Pond Care Packs.

Pond Care Packs are an innovative new product line called pond conditioners and are ideal for anyone who wants to get that perfect pond look without using harmful chemicals.

  • Each Pond Care Pack contains three (3) all natural products designed to help prevent problems from occurring without using harmful chemicals.
  • Each kit contains a water clarifier, a natural bacteria in a barley straw medium, and a natural pond dye.
  • All are conveniently packaged as dry products so you don’t have to worry about spillage.
  • Each kit will take care of a 1/4 acre pond for a full season.

Give your pond a nice blue color all year round and ensure that it stays clear and algae free with a combination of Pond Care Packs and Aeration. Windmill aeration systems are available on the market that will compress adequate amounts of oxygen into ponds as large as 5 acres.

Many small lakes use these types of aeration systems by deploying multiple units.