Blue Green Algae

No More Toxic Blue Green Algae

Gene Pavelich and his wife, who operate a mixed farm and ranch as well as a Bed & Breakfast at Kenaston, Saskatchewan (about 50 miles south of Saskatoon), had a dugout (pond) with problems similar to many others. Only those problems were exacerbated by occasional droughts and the bane of many lakes and ponds – blue-green algae blooms. Blue Green Pond Algae is often toxic enough to kill fish and also threaten stock and wildlife, not to mention those who use the water for household purposes or watering cattle.

Pavelich had discovered the benefits of windmill aeration years ago after installing an older version of a windmill aeration system to circulate a pond that he had excavated in the late 1980s. That small windmill and related aeration accessories had performed well for years until tall trees grew up around the water’s edge, shielding the wind from the windmill blades.

As a result, the pond became stagnant and suffered from onslaughts of toxic Blue Green Algae (cyanobacteria), which almost completely covered the 180-ft. long by 60 ft. wide pond and caused noticeable discoloration of the water as well as a putrid odor.

Pavelich installed the dugout to irrigate his orchards and vegetable gardens and water his cattle during dry summer months, and the blue green pond algae gave him grave concerns about endangering the health of his cows.

“Last summer we installed a new Superior windmill and aeration system,” Pavelich says. “This one is 20 ft. tall, so it is able to catch a lot more air flow than the original short windmill tower. The air diffuser technology has also improved, and is much more efficient. Although this powerful aeration system called the Superior Windmill – Turbo Jet Stream can accommodate up to three air diffusers I only utilized one. A bypass valve will allow the use of multiple air diffusers plus a water pump, which I plan to add this year 2007.”

Pavelich says there were significant improvements in the color and odor of the water within three or four days of installing the new system. Within a couple of weeks there was no noticeable odor or discoloration.

“Even with only one diffuser, the water was suddenly in very good condition,” he says. We had had fish in the dugout (pond) in years past, and the water is so healthy now that we may stock some fish again. But without the windmill aeration system, we wouldn’t be able to use the water at all.”

Pavelich says that this summer he also plans to use the windmill’s wind power as an off-the-grid means of pumping water to a trough for his cattle.

Just straight forward example of a natural and environmentally friendly way to keep your pond clean and pump water at the same time.