Pond Care Tips

Secrets to A Clean and Healthy Pond

Pond owners all over North America are e-mailing in to Pond Owner Magazine – informing us of regional pond maintenance courses and support. Regional government environmental and agricultural departments have, on staff, experts in water quality and pond maintenance.

These pond professionals often hold courses in pond management and pond care – they may even come out and visit your location to take samples of your pond water quality and give you advise on what measurements pond owners should take in order to restore or maintain a healthy pond.

It is very interesting to note that every one of these pond professionals no matter what size or shape the pond is in will prescribe aeration as the number #1 priority for all ponds.

Pond aeration essentially changes the chemical composition of water (H2O) – by adding additional levels of oxygen into your water – you essentially oxidize water and in the process eliminate the excess nutrients and organic matter that cause a pond to turn over.

Stagnation, algae and weed growth is directly correlated to the lack of oxygen in a pond. Pond aeration is critical to the sustainable health of water.

Another key point of advise from many of these pond professionals is to avoid the use of pond chemicals if you can. Pond chemicals address the symptoms of a pond problem by killing off algae blooms or weed growth. The real pond problem is Oxygen levels of the pond. The biggest issue with treatments such as pond chemicals is that the weeds and algae simply sink to the bottom of your pond – you do not get rid of them. Once at the bottom of the pond they begin to decompose – oxygen is require for the decomposition process – further depleting the oxygen levels in your pond. In the long run hurting your pond not helping it.

Pond Conditioners are becoming known on the market – these are environmentally friendly pond treatment products that when combined with aeration – further enhance the quality of your water. There are beneficial bacteria and enzymes, food grade pond dyes and other pond treatment conditioners that are extremely helpful in giving ponds the extra strength they need to stay healthy and clean.

For those of you that do not like the idea of spending hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on an electric aerator to produce oxygen for your pond then you may want to visit two of the leading manufacturers of Windmill Aeration Systems – Koenders Windmills and Superior Windmills.