Environmentally Friendly Pond Aeration

Pond Aeration Systems that Last and are Environmentally Friendly

Pond owners are discovering that in order to keep their ponds healthy and clean – aeration systems are the way to go.

Koenders Windmills is a company that has been in business for almost 20 years and they are North American manufacturers of one of the most environmentally friendly ways to keep your pond healthy and clean through the use of Windmills.

In the last few months over 20 of Koenders 40,000 customers in North America have corresponded with us. One of the unique things we found is that Koenders customers all agree that the product is incredibly durable and extremely reliable.

Karen Degroot from Assiniboine, Alberta has two of Koenders Windmills and they have been aerating her ponds for over 15 years. The amazing thing is that during this time she has not had to do any maintenance to them. Until recently when she replaced the diaphragm for less than $50.

Donald Zellerman from New Glarus, Wisconsin has kept his fish alive and pond healthy for over 6 years with his Koenders windmill. Saving thousands of dollars a year in energy savings, not to mention the hundreds to thousands of fish that he has saved from the fish kill he used to experience before installing his windmill aeration systems.

If you are a pond owner and are interested in learning more about Koenders Windmills visit www.koenderswindmills.com or look for them along any North American highway and you are bound to see at least one down any 50 mile stretch of highway.