Proven Working Windmills

Using Wind Turbines to Produce Electricity

Lately many customers have been approaching pond owner magazine and asking if they have heard of alternative ways to produce energy other than via the escalating costs of electricity.

The resource that is most cost effective in producing renewable energy is by far WIND.

Wind power is 50% less costly than solar energy and can be used in all climates. In North America 60% of the population lives in wind class zones that could effectively use windmills for the production of power. These windmills are more commonly called wind turbines or small wind generators.

Producing ones own power and being connected to the power grid simultaneously is a very attractive solution to reducing your power costs and contributing to the reduction of your own carbon footprint. There is a company by the name of Endurance Wind Power that has designed one of the most cost effective, safe and quiet small wind turbine in the world. They are a North American based company with offices in the US and Canada. They have one of the only small wind turbines in the world that have be designed from ground up to connect to the power grid without any conversion process of energy. The Endurance wind turbine produces grid compatible energy right at the generator level.

Windmill Aeration – For the compression of air – more commonly called windmill aeration systems – 90 % of the population live in wind class zones that can effectively use these types of windmills. They are used for the following purposes;

  • to aerate ponds to keep them clean and healthy
  • to keep areas of ponds open
  • to keep fish healthy and alive in the cold winter months and hot summer months
  • to aerate septic tanks
  • to aerating water wells to get rid of the rotten egg smell

Windmill Water Pumps – There are a few types of windmills that use wind to pump water. For shallow wells or to pump water from a creek or pond both Koenders Windmills and Superior Windmill offer a patented series of air driven water pumps that can be attached to their windmills. Make sure that if you are purchasing these types of water pumps – you purchase them through a licensed dealer of theirs or the manufacturer direct. These are the most cost effective water pumps in the world.

For deeper wells, there are a few other manufacturers of well water pumps – these systems are quite expensive and start at between $6,000 to $18,000 USD.