Pond Aeration and Windmill Aeration

Beware of Companies that Compare Others

Pond Owners are starting to see that there are choices on how they aerate their pond.

Electric pond aeration has been the primary source of maintaining the health of one’s pond. Now with the escalating costs of electricity many pond owners are looking for alternative ways to keep their ponds healthy and clean.

By far the most cost effective way is via the wind – windmill aeration systems.

When choosing your windmill aeration system – here are the following questions that you should ask your vendor:

1) Are you the manufacturer or just a reseller? (resellers many a time do not really know all the product details and are just trying to push the product that they are representing that specific year – ask the reseller how long they have been representing that product and why they changed? Make sure you can trust them before doing business with them)

2) How long has the company been manufacturing windmill aeration systems? a company that has been manufacturing these units for years obviously is doing a great job of it or they would not be in business – for example – Koenders Windmills has been manufacturing windmill aeration systems for 20 years and has over 50,000 customers ( hard to argue with the quality of that product) – Superior Windmill is the 2nd longest company in the business – has been manufacturing windmill aeration systems for 7 years.) – there are a few other companies in the market that have just started up over the last couple of years so you will want to have plenty of customer testimonials if you are going to choose one of their products.

3) What is the warranty period of the Product? – beware of a company that warranties their airline for 5 years but their product’s main windmill compressor for only one. Pretty inexpensive to change airline – sounds like a bit of a scam to me. Be careful of companies that have these really long warranty periods but have only been around for a year or so. How can a manufacture warranty a unproven product for a period that is 3 to 5 times longer than their existence.

4) Product Comparisons – some web sites try to compare other products and they use 3 product comparisons. Beware of these sites for they are reaching out to desperate lengths when they are trying to compare the quality of 3 different makes. Wonder how they give the top score to the company that has only been around for the last few years. I guess the longevity of the company, proven product line and the number of satisfied customers was not factored into the product comparison table.

Perhaps product comparison sites should contact the manufactures for updated information and products so that they publish accurate data to avoid misleading customers and any chances of future litigation against themselves. If I was the manufacturer of a quality product and web sites were publishing false information on my product or publishing data about my generation 1 model that is years old – when the generation 3 was being released – I would be pretty upset too.

Leaders in any market tend not to compare themselves to others for they are the leaders for a reason. They have patented features on their products which keep them ahead of any copy cats that come out on the market. They have been able to adapt and improve their products over the many years that they have been in business. They focus on customer service and product quality instead of product differentiation for they never copied anyone. They created and innovated the windmill aeration system. Koenders Windmills and Superior Windmill are those companies.