Proven Windmill Aeration Systems

Koenders clients confirm Windmills need minimal upkeep

In the last few days Pond Owner has heard from a number of Koenders
Windmill Customers who have used these windmills for decades. Jim Barrett from the Barrett Ranch in Venus, Florida has used Koenders Windmills to aerate his farm ponds for over 6 years. They have survived hurricanes and recent winds as high as 110 MPH. He even invites customers to visit the ranch and see how great these products are – Right off State HWY 70 and US 27 – Jim Says, the durability of these products has even surprised him.

Terry Clemens from from Alberta, Canada has had his Koenders Windmills for almost 20 years. Terry explains that the only maintenance that he has to do is a diaphragm and check valve replacement kit every 7 years that costs him less than $ 50.00. With over 50,000 Koenders Windmills installed in North America and
warranty claims of far less than 1% – Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems are by far
the leading manufacturer of these systems.

Windmills are replacing electric aeration systems as energy costs rise in North America. Save money and save power by keeping your pond healthy and fresh with the
use of renewable energy product from Koenders Windmills. Using wind power to compress oxygen in to the pond and reduce the risk of fish kill, algae and

Koenders Windmills-leaders in wind driven aeration systems that save
money and power.