Which Windmill Aeration System Should I BUY?

Pond Owner Magazine continuously gets correspondence from pond owners and the purpose of this site is to give you factual information about products and procedures to keep ponds healthy and clean. As well, provide information on a number of other questions and issues that Pond Owners are concerned with.

Recently, we are getting a lot of requests, questions and interests about Windmills for Pond Aeration. Pond Owners are asking which units are the best and why.

First of all – Windmill Aeration is an excellent way to keep your pond healthy and clean. It is extremely cost effective and there is no operating costs to run the windmills.

We hear a lot of good things about Koenders Windmills and Superior Windmills. Pond Owners in all parts of North America and wind zones email and call us about how happy they are with their products.

This week alone we have heard from 3 pond owners about their windmill aeration systems. Martin Ostien of Bradford Ontario has a Koenders Windmill. He installed it over 15 years ago. Explains to us that it still looks brand new. Never done a thing to it and recently change a diaphragm repair kit that was about $50.00. What he loves about his Koenders Windmill is that it has kept his pond healthy and clean for 15 years and it works in very low winds. That is what he appreciates about the design of the Koenders Windmill. The light weight design of the hub and blades allows it to operate in very low winds and at the same time the durability it has shown in high winds is astonishing.

Henry Miller of Pierceton, Indiana owns a Superior Windmill. Before he had the Superior Windmill his pond was full of algae and weeds. He experienced regular fish kills each Spring. For over 5 years his Superior Windmill Aeration system has been aerating his pond. It has been successful in keeping his algae blooms down and Henry has not had one fish kill since he installed his Superior Windmill. This windmill aerates a 3/4 acre pond that he owns and he had not had to do a thing to it until recently when he changed out his diaphragm kit for about $50.00.

Keith Willard from Owosso Michigan is the third Windmill Aeration Owner that contacted us this week. His Koenders Windmill is about 8 years old. Keith can’t imagine what he would have done without his windmill. It has kept his 1/4 acre pond nice a clean without any algae or weeds for years. He has never changed anything on his Koenders Windmill.

We are not comparing products but Pond Owner is definitely impressed with the stories we hear about these brands Koenders and Superior Windmill. They are both diaphragm based compressor pumps whose history and proven success stands by its design.

These two brands have been around longer than any other manufacturer. Great job Koenders and Superior – keep up the great work. Hopefully we can convert all these electric aeration systems over to windmills – a more sustainable approach to keeping pond water healthy and clean.