Windmill Aeration SAVES WATER PUMPS at FARMS

Superior Cranberries

Cutler Windmill 1What do Superior Windmills have in common with growing cranberries? Last year Paul Holloway from Cutler Cranberry, Camp Douglas Wisconsin had a problem…and an idea. The problem was weeds…the idea was a Superior Windmill.

The inlet pipes in a pond Cutler Cranberry uses to irrigate their cranberry fields were plugging up with aquatic weeds. Keeping the pipes clear by manual methods was time consuming and expensive, but not as
expensive as if the pipes became clogged and subsequently damaged a water pump. Paul said “There are 3 water pumps attached to those inlet pipes, 200 HP each, and if a pump becomes damaged, it gets very, very expensive. Growing cranberries requires a tremendous amount of water. For every acre of cranberries we have about 4 surface acres of water”.

Cutler Windmill 2Paul was aware other cranberry growers had successfully used aeration windmills to control weed in their bogs, so he thought they would work even better to keep a specific area weed free, the area around their inlet pipes.

He ordered a Superior Windmill Turbo Jet Stream from . “The assembly manual was easy to follow so assembling the windmill went smoothly. I am well pleased with the product and it performs as advertised” he said. “And,
it was a pleasure working with Terry at Windmillaeration”.

Four diffusers were used for the project, 3 to form a 100′ long arc in one area and the fourth approximately 750 ft from shore near another pipe. Mounting the 12′ windmill on the 14′ high peak gave it about a 28′ overall
height. The air line runs through the roof to the Freeze Control Tank, then to a 4 way splitter, all mounted inside the building. Paul also came up with an innovative way to grease the pivot post. A line was built to run from ground level, up the building to the pivot post on the windmill. “Greasing doesn’t get any easier than that”. He joked.

Paul hopes to purchase more Superior Windmills in the near future. “These windmills operate on free wind power, are well built and easy to maintain, and we have lots and lots of water!” he said.

There is also an added bonus to having a windmill mounted to your roof. The Cutler Cranberry workmen use the windmill for checking wind direction as well as (with a little practice) wind speed when spraying the cranberry fields. The innovative uses for Superior Windmills just never end!