Koenders Windmills Today Announces the Release of Their Original Windmill Aeration SYSTEM

Built to last decades at a PRICE that can’t be BEAT.

Koenders Windmills the innovators in Windmill Aeration is introducing the windmill that got them started over 23 years ago. The Original tower height was only 8 FT and even at that height they caught plenty of wind. Listed below is one of those Koenders 8 FT windmills still going strong over 20 years later. This video was sent into pondowner.com by the windmill owner in Northern Saskatchewan. This windmill was in the middle of a farmer’s field by the dugout which it was aerating. Due to all the rain and floods in that region – the water has risen right up to the blades. Even at ground level the Koenders Windmills keeps on turning.

Being proven to work in low winds as well as sustain high winds is a key feature that has made Koenders the top choice of windmill aeration systems and an the industry leader.

“Pond Owners are looking for a solution that is affordable and that will last decades,” explains Alan Goode, GM for Koenders Windmills inc. “Our customers are worried about the economy and know that aeration is the most efficient way to keep their pond water clean and healthy. They just need to be able to afford it.”
Koenders is offering their Original Koenders Windmill in a 12 FT Tower height at a price that is extremely affordable for a limited time only. The Koenders Windmill is now in its 5th generation of its model release continuously improving the performance, reliability and longevity of the product.

Greg Francis – of Sherwood Park Alberta – has been a Koenders Windmill customer for over 15 yrs. He has a Koenders Original windmill aeration system and the only thing he has done is changed out the diaphragm every several years.

“this windmill aeration system has kept the algae off my pond and the dugout clean since it was installed, we have never had any issues with our animals getting sick because of water, thanks to our Koenders Windmill” he explains. Mr. Francis is a cattle and chicken farmer whose animals drink directly from the dugout. “If it was not for the windmill aeration system the pond would stagnate and grow algae. Some algae forms are toxic and can make the animals sick or even die.”

The windmill also kept the pond open during the winter months allowing it to clean the water all year round ensuring good quality drinking water for his animals.

Another Original Koenders Windmill owner – Fred Jones – East Sparta, Ohio installed his windmill over 18 yrs ago. Mr. Jones owns a ¾ acre pond and stocks it with fish regularly. The pond water is used to irrigate his brother in laws farm and Jones uses the pond to fish.

“We have never had a fish kill since installing the windmill, during the cold winter months there is always a hole in the ice at least 10 FT in diameter,” Jones says. “this allows the pond to vent off any gases that could otherwise suffocate the fish and it also provides adequate levels of oxygen so that the fish stay healthy during the cold weather months.”

Koenders Windmills – the leaders in Windmill aeration systems have over 50,000 windmills installed in North America. One does not have to look far to see a Koenders Windmill. As you drive down the highway just look for this traditional looking windmill beside any pond. There is a 95% chance or better that it is a Koenders Windmill keeping that pond water clean.

Koenders Windmills has been manufacturing windmill aeration systems for over 23 years. The proven Leader in this industry. For more information on their Koenders Original Windmill offer go to www.koenderswindmills.com or call 1-888-777-4933