Gamekeepers Farming For Wildlife owners Comment on their Koenders Windmills

Randy Amenrud and their Family know all about farms, ponds and wildlife. They own a very successful magazine “Gamekeepers Farming for Wildlife”

A beautiful, informative and must have magazine for any outdoor enthusiast. Visit their web site at and see for yourself. Their high gloss magazine is available in annual subscriptions for a very affordable price.

Having said that the Amenrud’s are just one of thousands of customers who installed a Koenders windmill aeration system in 2012. Here is what these Outdoor Professionals have to say about Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems.

“We just had to let you know that our new windmills have far exceeded our expectations. Our mills, (2) Koenders Windmills 24′ Double Diaphragm pumps and 2 stones each, are exactly what we needed to aerate our 2 farm ponds. I would have guessed that they would be functioning less than 50% of the time. Well, I can honestly say that they are pumping at least 85% of the time.

After making it through our first winter with these mills I am astounded with the performance. On the coldest morning of the year ( -10 below or colder) and with only a mild wind the figure 8 shaped holes in the pond were opened all the way! I would have never assumed that that was possible. OUTSTANDING!

On days with very low wind, the mills are still making air. With just a few (20-40) RPM’s the stones are bubbling quite effectively,with wind 8 MPH and higher they really pump like mad. The water looks like it’s boiling!

Every aspect of our new windmills have far exceeded our expectations, we are certain that we made the right move by purchasing Koenders Windmills and will be recommending them to others we know with similar ponds/lakes.

Thanks Man!
Randy Amenrud and family

(Itemized list of what we have noticed so far)
(1) Assembly went smooth on both mills but second mill went together in far less than half of the time of the first
(2) Freeze control system works great and goes through far less alcohol (isopropyl) than we would have guessed.
(3) Very little mill head speed (wind) is required to very effectively aerate
(4) Stake clamp pivot point setup is a must, it made standing the units up easy and safe. We are glad that we chose that option
(5) A few drops of food coloring in the Freeze Tank makes the level of alcohol very easy to see
(6) Stained water in one of our ponds immediately started to clarify as soon as we put the mills up
(7) Bitter cold temperatures cannot stop these mills ! Fish caught through the ice this winter seem far healthier than in previous years
(8) In the long run, these air pumping mills will cost far less than buying electric pumps, electric cable and paying an extra $100-$150 (OUCH!) per pump (per month) on the power bill while pumping far less air. That being said, these Koenders Mills were an easy choice, It’s nice to know that we made the right move. We love these mills!