KoendersWindmills Voted # 1 Best Windmill Aeration System for 2013

By Pond Owners.

Koenders Windmills is celebrating its 25th year in the windmill aeration business. With well over 50,000 customers around the world, they are the undisputed leader in this market. Koenders is in fact the innovators of Windmill Aeration.

In the past year we have analyzed equipment technology and reviewed performance – this year Koenders Windmills provided us with a 3rd Party Engineering Report that they commissioned to have done comparing various Windmill aeration systems on the market.

We reviewed this report and it matches what customers are saying about the Koenders Windmill Aeration System. One of the key elements of the report is defining what aeration is and how to calculate production from windmill aeration. This report provided us with information that has helped us understand why the Koenders Windmill has consistently won over customers for the best Windmill Aeration System in the world.

Main reason is its performance and reliability, the Koenders Windmills are designed for optimal performance in low to moderate wind speeds, (2-3 m/s) 4-7 mph average wind speeds, which, at tower heights of between 12 to 24 FT is what should be expected in any location. To get higher average wind speeds towers need to be much higher (eg 60-90 FT). Doing this would make windmill aeration systems cost prohibitive from an installation and equipment costs perspective.

We had a testimonial submitted to us from the owners of the successful magazine “Gamekeepers Farming for Wildlife”. www.farmingforwildlife.com. This group of outdoor experts know what they are talking about when it comes to products and equipment for outdoor wildlife. They purchased two of the Koenders Windmills in 2012 and evaluated them on their ponds. This is a small excerpt from the article they wrote.

“We just had to let you know that our new windmills have far exceeded our expectations. Our mills, (2) Koenders Windmills 24′ Double Diaphragm pumps and 2 air stones each, are exactly what we needed to aerate our 2 farm ponds. I would have guessed that they would be functioning less than 50% of the time. Well, I can honestly say that they are pumping at least 85% of the time.”

“After making it through our first winter with these mills I am astounded with the performance. On the coldest morning of the year ( -10 below or colder) and with only a mild wind the figure 8 shaped holes in the pond were opened all the way! I would have never assumed that that was possible. OUTSTANDING!”

“On days with very low wind, the mills are still making air. With just a few (20-40) RPM’s the stones are bubbling quite effectively, with wind 8 MPH and higher they really pump like mad. The water looks like its boiling!”

Congratulations Koenders Windmills on your 25th Anniversary in business and we wish you another 25 Great years.

For more information on Koenders Windmills visit www.koenderswindmills.com or www.koenderswatersolutions.com