Revolutionary Product is A Chemical FREE Pond Treatment

More and more Pond Treatment legislation is being adopted to protect people’s health and the environment. Many states and regions of the world have banned the use of Pond Chemical (algaecides, herbicides, pesticides, etc…)

Too many incidences of poison toxins being exposed to human/animal life and toxins seeping into drinking water reservoirs and water aquifers has prompted action by state law makers to ban the use of toxic pond chemicals. If you are a pond owner and you are using a Pond Chemical to treat your pond then you need to look seriously at its contents and what the harmful effects it can have on you, your animals, your pond water and the environment.

In the last few years, we have seen a new sector in the Pond Treatment market emerge, Pond Conditioners. A true pond conditioner is a Chemical FREE treatment for the water. It also does not require any permits of FDA regulations because there is no toxins in the Conditioner.



Natures Pond Conditioner, owned by Koenders Water Solutions innovated pond conditioners over 5 years ago. The company was tired of hearing stories about pond owners who were being put into the hospital after using toxic Pond Chemicals to treat their water so they turned their attention to solving this problem. Koenders team of engineers started working with a group of Bio Chemists out of Louisiana to come up with the only ALL in ONE Pond treatment formula that is CHEMICAL FREE. The solution they created includes a FOOD GRADE POND DYE, A BENEFICIAL BACTERIA that multiplies at 4 X the rate of Non beneficial bacteria, and an ENZYME that chews away at the muddy sludge at the bottom of the pond. This ALL-IN-ONE Chemical FREE treatment is changing the industry.

Natures Pond Conditioner is the original Pond Conditioner – its POND DYE component takes on the same color of the water that it is being applied to, deepening the pond water color not changing it into some ugly fake blue chemical color. By deepening the color of the water you are able to block out some of the Sun’s harmful rays that heat up the pond water and facilitates the growth of non-beneficial bacteria.

The unique BENEFICIAL BACTERIA ingredient is formulated to multiply at 4 X the rate of Non- Beneficial bacteria. These bacteria compete for the same food source and the BENEFICIAL BACTERIA essentially starves out the Non-Beneficial bacteria. By reducing Non-Beneficial Bacteria populations you reduce the algae and weeds in your pond water.

Finally, the ENZYMES that are in Natures Pond Conditioner are designed to eat away at the sludge in the bottom of the pond. This sludge zaps oxygen from the water and by eliminating the sludge you eliminate a major cause of stagnation.

View this video to learn more about Natures Pond Conditioner

Natures Pond Conditioner can be ordered direct at many on-line retail sites or it can also be purchased at top Retailers in North America. For a store near you contact Koenders Water Solutions Inc at