Pond Aeration

Pond Aeration Going Global

July 25, 2013 – The need for clean and healthy ponds is a global challenge not just one seen in North America.

Around the world global pond owners are discovering the benefits of pond aeration. In the developed countries aeration has been considered a key component to successfully maintaining and keeping pond water healthy and clean for decades. The use of electrical aeration systems and more recently windmill aeration systems have been growing exponentially each year.

It has taken developing countries longer to catch on to aeration benefits for four main reasons:

  • Education of pond water quality and how to effectively maintain the water’s health has been lacking.
  • Limited number of cost effective aeration solutions available for developing countries.
  • Limited to no available power supply in order to run electrical aeration systems.
  • Limited awareness of alternative energy aeration systems such as windmills.

Koenders Windmills and Outdoor Water Solutions are examples of companies joining forces to help developing countries improve pond water quality. These companies are working with Heart to Honduras ministries in Honduras. The goal is to add aeration to their Tilapia ponds in an effort to increase their fish rate of gain and decrease their mortality.

Providing better food and especially animal protein in developing countries is a way to help feed the hungry. Aerating fish production ponds and being able to pump water from wells and ponds is another way the Koenders windmill driven aeration systems are helping people around the world.