Pond Ice

Pond Ice is Nice

July 19, 2013 – The idea of keeping a pond frozen over in the winter so that the family and friends can skate and have hockey games sounds great and is a lot of fun.

We have fond memories of skating in the backyard, with the house lights on the rink, playing hockey all evening long. Then coming in for a hot cup of cocoa and sitting by the fire to warm up and thaw out our frost bitten toes and cheeks.

Pond ice can be a lot of fun but it also can be very dangerous and some items need to be considered before you go skating on your pond. The thickness of the ice needs to be measured before going skating to ensure that you do not crack the ice and fall through. They say that the ice should be at least 6 inches thick before you go on it, however, I would never go on ice that wasn’t at least a foot deep myself. Even at 1 ft deep, I would still only skate on the sides of the pond where the water is shallow. Watch for large cracks in the ice that may crack even further and create a whole into the water. Make sure that you also have a life saving reach and assist device or buoy close to the water’s edge in case some one does fall into the ice.

Many of winter’s drowning are attributed to people or animals falling in through the ice before it is frozen over. Be careful around ponds that have frozen over, they may have an aeration system installed which keeps an area of the pond open all winter long.

If ice-skating is not your idea of fun and fishing is, then perhaps you may want to keep a section of your pond open for fishing. To do this the easy way, simply keep your aeration system on all winter long. It will keep both a area of your pond open and it will also maintain it with a healthy level of oxygen. Keeping your fish healthy and your pond water clean.

Make sure that if you do aerate your pond in the winter, which is by the way recommended in order to keep it healthy and clean, then put large warning signs around the ponds edge indicating to people that you have a pond aeration system in operation and that areas of the pond are thin and open. You may also want to put a snow fence around the area of the pond that is open.