Koi Ponds

Think Twice about Being a Koi Pond Owner

Aug 26, 2013 – This article started out wanting to inform our readers of what the best ways were of constructing a Koi pond. Pretty soon after reviewing the details, costs, complexities and issues in building and owning a Koi pond the article has switched to informing people of the many considerations that are needed to be reviewed before going down the path of becoming a Koi Pond Owner.

The costs and complexities of building and maintaining a Koi pond should be your first consideration. Koi Ponds are not necessarily that little, they should hold at least 1000 gallons of water or more, the larger and deeper they are the better. There should also be side walls built up around the pond to protect the fish from predators, which we will get to in a moment. A water filtration system will need to be installed along with a drainage system so the pond does not overflow.

So now that you have developed your pond and spent thousands of dollars on fish inventory to stock your pond the next thing you have to worry about is ensuring that the local wildlife don’t come and eat all of your prized investment. As a matter of fact, we just had a pond owner call us today and tell us that he’s never stocking his pond with Koi again. He’s tired of feeding the local area raccoons and herons.

Raccoons are pesky and persistent and if they know that your pond has fish in it they will be helping themselves and destroying your pond at the same time. Herons are a little cleaner about the whole thing but they will definitely deplete you fish inventory. Due to the bright colors of Koi they tend to lend themselves as easy targets for the predators.

Trapping or killing local wildlife is not usually an option and more will come so your next step is to try to scare them away or make them feel uncomfortable about being their. Raccoons are quite intelligent little animals and do not scare easy but some people say that owls, or plastic alligators in the pond may work. Some even trap the raccoons and relocate them. Just one more inconvenience in being a Koi pond owner. I think our family will stick to owning a dog.