Golf Course Ponds

Golf Course Ponds Need To Be More Environmentally Friendly

Sept 2, 2013 – We are starting to hear from many concerned citizens about their municipal ponds and the issue of how and what to do to keep them healthy and clean. The main reason for this recent interest from the community is their concern over the spread of West Nile virus, mosquitoes lay their larvae in stagnant water so these stagnant ponds become an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. The other important reason people are interested in the health of their municipal ponds is simply because stagnating ponds look and smell ugly. Who wants to see their community ponds full of algae and pond scum.

Having said that, what may be worse than an overgrown pond is a clean looking one that is full of toxic chemicals. Ask your public golf courses and private golf clubs what they are doing to keep their ponds healthy and clean looking. Chances are they are spending thousands of dollars a year to tackle the pond algae and stagnation problem. They too, do not want mosquitoes around the golf course. Unfortunately, this is a short term fix with potentially damaging long term effects to the environment.

The pond chemicals being used to make golf course ponds look pretty can have a dramatic affect on the health of the wildlife in your area. The environment can suffer as well for the seepage of these chemicals into near by rivers and lakes can hurt the water ecosystems. On average, a golf course will spend $3,000 to $6,000 dollars per/yr on pond chemicals.

If they would only take this budget for one year and invest it in some pond aeration equipment their problems would be solved. Tell your greens keepers to research pond aeration and windmill aeration solutions. There are some extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to keep these ponds healthy and clean without the use of pond chemicals.