Municipalities Keep Water Healthy and Clean

Windmills are helping Municipalities to keep their Water Clean and Safe

Sept 24, 2013 – Residential pond owners and farmers have for years recognized that pond aeration is the best and most cost effective way to keep their ponds healthy and clean. It’s only been in the last few years that smaller municipalities have caught on. Its not because they did not know that aeration can help keep their drinking water reservoirs and municipal ponds cleaner – its because the affordability of doing so was the challenge.

Lets take a small town by the name of Attica, New York for example.

Water officials in this small community of 7500 people noticed in early 2001 that the towns water supply had a little bit of a rust color to it – they figured that this problem was going to be extremely expensive to fix.

To their pleasant surprise the chief water operator, Brian Krawczyk, was able to solve this problem for less than $5000.00. The other amazing realization is that Brian was going to solve the problem in an environmentally friendly way with absolutely no ongoing costs of operational.

Attica now has five Windmill Aeration Systems that pump oxygen into the water, clearing up the rusty tinge and keeping their 13-acre water reservoir healthy and clean.

Chief Water Operator, Brian Krawczyk received a certificate of merit from the New York state Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials in recognition of his research and innovation into new cost effective ways to keep Municipal Waters clean for its citizens. This award also recognizes the commitment of the municipalities who continually look for and strive to develop new ways to improve their communities. This problem of discolored water was not new for Attica or for hundreds of other municipalities in North America. All to often we hear complaints from citizens who draw rusty water from the local reservoirs through municipal pipes. This problem quite often occurs from high levels of iron and manganese in the water, which, in turn, produces red, rusty water.

The reason many municipalities don’t aerate their ponds and water reservoirs is simply because they cannot afford it. Many quotes for an aeration system range as high as 50-100 thousand dollars. An aeration system is the process in which oxygen is pumped into the water – this process lowers the amount of potentially harmful bacteria and materials by allowing these substances to escaped the water’s source via the additional levels of dissolved oxygen.

As in Attica’s case municipalities can set up Pond Aeration Windmills and run air lines into ponds and water reservoir that attach to Air Diffusers on the bottoms of the ponds. As the wind turns the windmills, a crankshaft, which is connected to the fan blades, drives rubber diaphragms up and down – compressing air and pumping oxygen into the water.

Aerating your ponds and reservoirs with windmills allows municipalities to keep the cost of water down and provide its citizens with healthier, cleaner water.

In the town of Attica’s case it was the nearby farms that contributed to the excess minerals, and contaminants in their water source caused by run off from fertilizers that decreased the levels of water’s oxygen leading to a build up of other chemicals that could not escape specifically iron and manganese.