Perfect Pond Size and Shape

Factors to Consider when Building the Perfect Pond

Sept 4, 2013 – After talking with thousands of pond owners you start to get a feel for what characterizes a perfect pond size and shape. If you are thinking of building a pond or enlarging your current one then keep these simple thoughts in mind.

Pond Size

Pond Size consists of three measurements – width, height and depth – when I speak to most people they will give me these measurements and we are able to easily determine the size in acreage and how many cubic feet of water is held in their specific body of water. An ideal size for a pond is 1 acre about 200 FT x 200 FT.

If your pond is too shallow then the sun will be able to penetrate from top to bottom and heat up the water to unhealthy levels which will promote bacteria and algae growth.

A depth of 10-20 FT is ideal for a pond. To prevent algae and weed growth around the sides of your pond try to dig the edges out so that it gets deeper faster.

Pond Shape

When you are trying to determine the shape of your pond try not to get too fancy. The best shape for a pond in circular or oval. This promotes water circulation throughout the whole pond. Avoid making little bays or putting an island in the middle of your pond. This may look cute but it interrupts the flow of water and inhibits the circulation flow of water.

With circular and oval shaped ponds you are able to install and aeration system right in the middle of your pond which by the way should be the deepest area of the water. This aeration system will diffuse oxygen into your water and provide proper circulation throughout the body of water.

An added benefit to proper circulation and aeration of water, aside from maintaining a healthy clean pond free of weeds and algae is the fact that this circulation prevent insects such as mosquitoes from laying eggs on the water’s edge. West Nile Virus is a serious threat and all pond owners need to be very concerned with this.