Water Quality

Is Our Water Quality getting Worse or Better?

Sept 11, 2013 – The Canadian Environment Agency looked at water quality over the last 10 – 20 years and in some respects our water is getting better. For instance the Great Lakes, North America’s largest body of fresh water have some good news and bad. The problem of accelerated eutrophication has not been completed rectified however with sewage dumping regulations in the basins from both the US and Canada the problem is under control. For those of you wondering what eutrophication is; in simple terms it’s the natural process by which lakes and ponds become overly enriched with dissolved nutrients resulting in the depletion of oxygen caused by a number of factors including the increased growth of algae and other microscopic plants.

We still must continue to be careful not to discharge too many pollutants and nutrients such as phosphorous, PCBs, pesticides, dioxins and furans into the lakes, rivers and ponds. The next big concern for environmentalists is the issue of toxic chemical wastes being dumped into our rivers and lakes. The dumping of toxic chemicals overshadows any issues we had previously with the great lakes and rivers in North America. This fight is far from over and its important that we all take individual precaution and measurements to avoid dumping chemicals into water.

The concern is when these toxic substances enter the food chain and are transferred through it right from the bottom to the top. Guess who’s at the top of the food chain? We are. Many of these nutrients are taken up and converted into proteins or discharged as waste, however the toxic substances that accumulate as fat or in organs such as the liver of animals can become extremely harmful if these organisms are passed up the food chain. These toxic substances become more and more concentrated as they are passed up the chain.

There are some solutions that industry is looking towards to help in this effort and we continue to be hopeful that together we can be more environmentally conscious of our actions. Lets make sure we keep our ponds healthy and clean with proper pond care and if you have local industry who have waste reservoirs be sure to let them know that there are cost effective solutions to helping clean up their ponds and wastes.

Again, we speak of this often but we cannot say enough about the promising effects that pond aeration can have on a pond’s health and maintenance.