Water Systems

Cost Effective Solutions For Small Water Systems

Sept 12, 2013 – Many smaller communities primarily lack the expertise, finances and capacity to maintain a safe, and reliable long-term water system operation. Some of these communities are receiving water from sources that have only had coarse screening and filtration. There are communities that have had water boiling advisories in effect for years especially ones who receive their water from surface ponds or water reservoirs.

In the last several years many advances have taken place in design and filtration, disinfection treatment, and distribution of water resulting in more and more people receiving cleaning potable water.

Assisting in this water improvement are the advancements in technologies that help disinfect water such as UV technology. Once labeled a very expensive water treatment, UV is gaining support through education and certification, making it a more attractive alternative for water treatment professionals. Ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection process is recognized as one of the most effective, least complicated and least expensive methods to use for water purification. Recent innovations in smaller community use of UV technology for rural, commercial, industrial water treatment applications have shown to dramatically improve UV water disinfection effectiveness and safety.

Pond and water reservoirs have always been a major source of potable water for communities large and small. With more regulation government is ensuring that these water sources are becoming cleaner, healthier and safer.