Koenders Windmills Voted # 1 Best Selling Windmill Aeration System for 2015

Koenders Water Solutions Inc is celebrating its 27th year in the windmill aeration business. With well over 60,000 customers around the world, they continue to be the undisputed leader in this market.

Koenders Windmills is a part of a much broader product line of all-natural products for keeping and maintaining ponds in a healthy and clean way called Nature’s Pond Care.

Customers are incredibly supportive of Koenders Windmills and its other brands due to its continued commitment to innovation and support for offering only natural solutions to pond care. Koenders Water Solutions has launched it Nature’s Pond Care program that now allows customers one easy choice for Natural Pond Care with a simple 3 step program.

Finally, a 3 step program to keep and maintain the health of your pond water, offering customers a scientifically proven, all-natural approach to pond care.

Step 1) Renew – Nature’s Pond Conditioner – a line of natural pond treatments for spring/summer and fall/winter that clean and enhance the color of your pond water while at the same time reducing the pond sludge and odors that come from pond water.

Step 2) Revive – Nature’s Pond ‘bottom up’ aeration – including their top selling windmill aeration systems Koenders has designed a brand of electric aerators that can be located up to 2000 ft away from the water source making them safe, effective and affordable. The HD 250 and the HD 450 ‘bottom up’ electric aeration systems.

Step 3) Remove – Nature’s Pond Cutter ‘N’ Rake – instead of killing algae and weeds off with herbicides or algaecides Koenders offers a tool with interchangeable heads so that you can cut weeds and rake them out of your pond instead of killing them off with toxic chemicals.

If you do use herbicides or algaecides then you will want to treat your water with Nature’s Pond Conditioner. This will eat away at the dying, decaying debris that accumulates as pond sludge.

We have spent years reviewing aeration equipment in the market place. The main thing we like about Koenders is the fact that it has so many units in operation and for so many years. For almost 30 years this company has proven that it can offer reliable and affordable products to pond owners around the world.

Koenders Water Solutions have conducted 3rd party engineering studies comparing various windmill aeration systems on the market and showing their brand to have the highest volume of oxygen transfer over a 30 day period than any other windmill brand on the market. In most cases 3-5 times more oxygen is transferred compared to other brands when measured over a 30 day period.

Koenders design is tested to work in low and high winds, majority of time however with towers offered that are below 30 ft high – winds are low (average 3-5 mph). Maximum CFM (cubic feet per/minute of air) means very little when you are operating your windmill aeration system at low to moderate winds. It’s all about efficiency of operation in lower wind speeds. This is the Koenders Windmill difference and this is the key reason why the brand does so well compared to all other products.

Koenders Windmills are designed for optimal performance in low to moderate wind speeds, (2-3 m/s) 4-7 mph average wind speeds, which, at tower heights of between 12 to 24 FT is what should be expected in any location. To get higher average wind speeds towers need to be much higher (eg 60-90 FT). Doing this would make windmill aeration systems cost prohibitive from an installation and equipment costs perspective.

See below feedback from the owners of the successful magazine “Gamekeepers Farming for Wildlife”. www.farmingforwildlife.com. This group of outdoor experts know what they are talking about when it comes to products and equipment for outdoor wildlife. They purchased two of the Koenders Windmills in 2012 and evaluated them on their ponds. This is a small excerpt from the article they wrote.

“We just had to let you know that our new windmills have far exceeded our expectations. Our mills, (2) Koenders Windmills 24′ Double Diaphragm pumps and 2 air stones each, are exactly what we needed to aerate our 2 farm ponds. I would have guessed that they would be functioning less than 50% of the time. Well, I can honestly say that they are pumping at least 85% of the time.”

“After making it through our first winter with these mills I am astounded with the performance. On the coldest morning of the year ( -10 below or colder) and with only a mild wind the figure 8 shaped holes in the pond were opened all the way! I would have never assumed that that was possible. OUTSTANDING!”

“On days with very low wind, the mills are still making air. With just a few (20-40) RPM’s the stones are bubbling quite effectively, with wind 8 MPH and higher they really pump like mad. The water looks like its boiling!”

Well done Koenders Water Solutions and Koenders Windmills

For more information on Koenders Windmills and their new brand Of Nature’s Pond Care products visit www.koenderswindmills.com or www.koenderswatersolutions.com.