Duck Hunters and Wildlife Enthusiasts Alert!!

Keeping A Water Spot Open in your Pond Attracts and Saves Ducks

Instead of using a motor to keep water up Use a BOTTOM UP AERATION SYSTEM: to keep ducks alive in winter (if no water open, animals eat them) and to reduce algae in the summer.

Click on this link for more information from www.Ducks.Org. This article talks about using a boat motor to keep an area of the water open-seems a bit extreme, not to mention not everyone has a motorized boat for their pond. Why not maintain a healthy pond and fish with an aeration system at the same time as keeping the pond open for the ducks?

Some of the reasons Duck Hunters want an area of the pond open in winter:

(from article and speaking with customers)**in Nebraska and nearby states

  • If birds don’t have an area to sit in the pond-they get eaten by animals on the land.
  • Birds have to migrate further away to where there is some open water making it inconvenience for local duck hunters.
  • An open area makes hunting ducks more predictable for hunters**brings new ducks as well (that are looking for open water).
  • Duck decoys become motionless when pond freezes over-unnatural look-essentially makes them useless-and damages the decoys.

Koenders Water Solutions customers buy the company’s windmill and electric aeration systems for both their own ponds as well as bird hunting associations. They do this for the above reasons and to keep algae off in the summer.

Just one more reason to install an aeration system before winter Freeze UP. Avoiding fish kill has always been a key reason. Saving and Attracting ducks to your water is another!