Koenders windmills are great for the environment, and now there is proof!

It’s well known that windmills are environmentally friendly, as they are powered by the wind and not a non-renewable resource, so how much friendlier can they get? Common sense tells us that windmills have a positive effect on our environment, however it cannot be proven until the process of materials acquisition, manufacturing, distribution and disposal are analysed. Koenders Water Solutions undertook a study to see what net-impact their windmills have on our planet, and the results are impressive! To put it in perspective, the 100,000 windmills that are installed by Koenders worldwide has the same effect on greenhouse gas emissions as taking 2000-3000 cars off the road.

To learn all about the positive environmental impact of Koenders windmill aeration systems check out this article that analyses carbon offsets, life cycle inventory, as well as a case study done by Alberta Agriculture Northwest Regional Office. These results prove just how environmentally friendly Koenders windmills are.

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