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Koenders Free Air Windmill

Koenders Free Air Windmill

I am a first generation customer of Koenders Windmills and have been using the product for over 14 years. I had read some farm research papers that indicated aerating your pond is the number one way to prevent stagnation of your pond and to avoid a build up of bacteria and algae growth in your water. Well guess what it works.

I had an 8 Ft tower on my original windmill and have noticed that that the new ones come in 12 Ft- 16 Ft – 20 Ft Tower Heights.

Ponds owners that are using all sorts of chemicals to keep there water clean are not necessarily keeping it healthy. There really is a difference. We used to treat our pond with chemicals and herbicides to cut down on algae growth and what happened was that we were slowing depleting all the oxygen out of our pond. We were essentially killing our pond and everything in it.

What pushed us into buying our Koenders Windmill Aerations System was the spring of 1992 when we had lost all of our fish – it was the largest Fish Kill I had ever seen and cleaning up the mess was no fun either.

After installing our pond aeration system we have never had a fish kill since and our 1 acre pond looks great.

Koenders also has water pumps that are extremely reliable – we us the SW 16 pump that we bought a few years ago – its a pond pump that pumps water out of our clean pond into a holding tank that we use to irrigate our gardens and the horses use it to drink from as well.

Thank you Koenders – you have proven that your windmills really do last decades. I have changed the diaphragm a few times and the air diffusers as well as a few other items but for the most part my Koenders Windmill has remained in tact and keeps on pumping.