About Pond Owner Magazine

Pondowner.com is the world’s leading online magazine devoted to offering articles, information and studies on nature’s most beautiful and valuable resource – pond and lake water.

This online magazine promotes environmentally friendly studies and resources that can help pond owners cost effectively maintain pond water quality.

Pond Owner Magazine is a excellent resource for all pond owners – Recreational Pond Owners, Farmers, Golf Course Owners, Municipalities, Natural Reserves etc…

Recreational ponds are being built by the thousands every year and we provide these new owners with a good understanding of the responsibilities that exist when owning a pond. Its also important to understand the many facets of maintaining a pond once its built and the associated regulations.

We provide updated articles and information to help educate and inform our visitors ensuring that as the number of ponds increase across North America so do the number of educated owners who can pass on their advice and wisdom to others.

Please email us your own pond pictures and some of the challenges that you have had with your pond and the solutions that you have used to ensure its health. For pond owners who have knowledge in pond maintenance and pond fish who would like to share this with other owners please do so as well.

And for those pond owners who have issues and are looking for answers use our question and answer forum to communicate with other pond owners who may have encountered similar problems and were able to solve them in creative, environmentally friendly ways.

Pond Owner Magazine is a unique opportunity for pond owners and researchers to share information about pond management. Our goal is to provide resources for pond owners and at the same time gather information about ponds across North America.

Pondowner.com hopes this collaborative effort and sharing of information will eventually result in a set of best practice recommendations for better pond management. We encourage anyone who owns a pond to participate and to register for our on-line updates of new research and articles.

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